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Nuts about pumpkin?

Have you ever been so nutty about butternuts? Let dig into it!

If you love the texture and the deli taste of butternut so much. Why spend so much money on it at they local supermarket! Use those green thumbs of yours and make a deli creation of yours at no cost! READ: Seed saving Guidelines blog to help you save your seeds from the existing butternut and remember it will fall under the vegetable/fruit heading!

To tackle this task for your very own homemade butternuts seedlings – you’ll need:

  • Butternut seeds from seed saving guideline blog
  • Cocoa peat
  • Seedling trays
  • Lastly, patience is the key material!

Just a thought: We all know everyone doesn’t have patience, but remember it rewards you with something beautiful in the end.”

Planting Method:

  1. Place cocoa peat into a bucket of ¾ water, wait 10 minutes maximum until the cocoa peat has separated nicely.
  2. Next thing you want to do is grab your seedling trays and fill them with cocoa peat, not so tightly. Seeds and plants need good combination of water and air in the soil in order to circulate well for a healthy plant growth.
  3. Grab those butternut seeds of yours and make depth holes about 2½ cm into the seedling trays.Plant your seedlings with the pointy tip of the seed downwards in direction of facing your base of the tray.
  4. Water lightly and place in a sheltered area with fair sunlight and good aeration.
  5. Your seedlings will appear in a few days and once they reach the height of 5 cm. This means they are ready to be transplanted into the garden.

Useful tip:

Want the butternut plant to produce loads of butternut off one plant! Just simply gently dig in the node of where the internode meets at the joining of the node. this will give rise to the axillary bud, a flower will rise and this is where more vegetable will produce! When is comes to making best of your vegetable, flowers and pollination can be a problem sometimes. Just simply do self pollination by using a clean sterilized paint brush collecting the yellow fluffy pollen from the male flower and transporting it into the female flower. your job is done, its the females flower job to do the rest!

Whats a difference between male & female flower:



4 thoughts on “Nuts about pumpkin?

  1. Hi Kelly. How do I know the difference between male and female flower? And does it even matter? Is there a specific sequence that fruit arrives with the flowers? My flowers come and then die. Or the ants eat them.

    1. Hi there, the male flower has a thin stem while female flower as a bulb (fruit is produced in the bulb) below the sepal leaves. I have attached an image at the very bottom of this blog. If your flowers come and the die, you probably will need to do self pollinating (see this blog for self pollinating) to help the flower boost up as there is no bees in your yard actively doing it etc. Or otherwise there is lack of nutrients in the soil. Just simply give it some bonemeal, volcanic ash or worm wee, just ask you local garden nursery. Ants can’t do damage to the plant, only when it makes its home in the flower which I doubt very much. Thanks for the comment. Always drop a question if you’re stuck 🙂

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