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Raised bed with a twist

You probably thinking, what on earth raised bed has a twist to it!

Join me on my adventure and read my story on how it all started…

On the 20th of August 2017, we built these two wonderful, strong raised beds with our very own bare hands, lets just say metal hands for a lady like me! These raised beds are built with sleeper logs, yes really those heck heavy logs that are impossible to carry! But me and Crispin managed well hoping our backs won’t break. You’re probably thinking the soil is going to seep out the sides, in between the cracks of the sleeper it could possibly find. well, nope, this lady thought of it wisely before she put the soil in those beds. we re-used an solar panel sheeting, cutting into strips and placing it around the inner boarders of the bed, this will prevent soil from escaping out the bed. (pat on the back for that) re-use all your items for purposes you will know that will work. Lastly to sum up the beds, we smack in the galvanized poles into the ground at hip height, tackle the fencing to the poles using cable ties, making sure a space is let for a gate to enter the bed when needed.

20 August 2017

During the process of my bed waiting for me to plant seeds into it and ready to rock in roll. That was alright for me to do so because i had already done my seedlings and they were ready in time. About 95% of my seedlings were done by seed saving method and were a successful germination. My other 5% were these cool yellow banana leg & black krim tomato seedlings which i had got online.

25th September 2017

I have mainly vegetables and herbs in these raised beds. These are great companions together to help repel pests and diseases. A lot of the plants are grown by seed savings, cuttings, propagation and hydroponics methods. I not only want to do everything the cheap way but to do it the natural way, to strive success within knowing my plants are happy, will be naturally strong and healthy without chemicals involved.

You’re are still probably wondering what my twist is… the twist to this specially raised sleeper log is that the sleepers are wide enough for you to walk onto when watering if you don’t feel like entering the bed in the gate way.  This will also keep the bugs, and creatures off your garden bed! Whoo hoo!

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