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How to grow Clivias

Yes really! Its a clivia secret!

Want to know the secret to it? Lets dig into it!

This time of the season your clivias should have produced the seeds, orange clivias will produce seeds of a colour red when mature, green when not mature (green for all clivias), yellow seeds are from yellow/peach flowered clivias.

To really grow your own clivias, you will need to know the seed saving method.  Once you have completed your seed saving method we can then do the next step of this process which is the fun part!

What you’ll need:

  • cocoa peat
  • bucket
  • seed saving clivia seeds
  • seed trays
  • warm area
  • spray bottle filled with water

Once seeds all washed and clean, prepare your cocoa pet into a bucket of ¾ water, wait for 10 minutes until the cocoa peat looks separable and firm to use. Place the cocoa peat into seat trays, pat gently but not too compacted, you want to allow air to flow well within the soil. Healthy plants need a good combination of water and air for a good strong health. Plant in your clivia seeds in about 2½ cm deep into the cocoa peat, repeat this until you are finished. Cover the seeds with the rest of the cocoa peat and place in a semi-shade area. You’ll will notice after 2 weeks, little roots are formed, you have finally noticed you almost reached SUCCESS! keep sticking with me!

20170927_150625.jpgAfter those 2 weeks passed by, remove your clivia seeds out the cocoa peat to one side, place the cocoa peat into a shallow whole seedling tray and bring back your clivia seeds. Now you need to be careful! Plant the clivia seed half way into the cocoa peat and leave 2 cm spacing between one another.  Then cover the seedling tray with cling wrap, don’t pierce wholes into the cling wrap. Remember you want to keep the seeds warm to boost it.

Hope all this blabbing made sense to you! If you have any questions regarding to ANYTHING, really anything, just contact me and I’ll get right back at you regarding to your question 🙂 If you do like this, don’t forget to follow me too! 😀



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