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Multiple ways of wood ash usage!

Wood ash is the opposite to coal ash, the ash contains of calcium,potassium,phosphorus and magnesium but also has traces of iron,sodium and zinc which is a vital nutrient to the plants growth!

Is is used to:

  1. It is used to neutralize the acidic soils, however if you are growing acid loving plants like blueberries, peppers, bush beans, beans, azaleas, rhododendron and hydrangeas. These plants will want a soil pH between 6 – 7.5. This is acceptable in this area because the nutrition in the fertilizer will be already dissolved in water and better transportation will take place by plant’s roots. According to pH scale, acidic soil is from pH 1-6. A pH 1-6 (acidic soil) means your plants won’t receive enough nitrogen, phosphorus or potash/potassium(potatoes). Neutral pH 7, Alkaline soil is from pH 8-14. The wood ash contains 70% calcium carbonate and can be used be substitute for lime. Remember to not use all the ash at once, this could damage the plants. Do in small quantities such as sprinkling over your garden beds, around plants in the garden which will repel slugs and snails and fruit trees. Always retest your soil afterwards.
  2. This is great to add to your compost pile, it will help boost the heap’s potassium levels. Great to use for flowerings and fruiting plants. This should only be done is small amounts too because worms do not like acid. You probably don’t want to kill them, they are super beneficial in the soil!
  3. You can make a wood ash liquid fertilizer, this is to correct potassium deficiencies. The brown spots,curling leaf tips, yellowing between leaf veins and wilting, which slows the plant’s growth. These are signs that your crop is lacking potassium/potash. Also could not just be that, they could be dealing with pests and diseases. Try companion planting to help repel the bugs and make your vegetables grow wild!
  4. To make the liquid fertilizer: You’ll need to place ½ – ¾ of wood ash into a old pillowcase and tie is close at the top around a log. Place it into a garbage gallon filled with ¾ water, leave for several days. After it has brewed, place a cup of it around your plants weekly.20171002_115425
  5. This is good to fertilize your lawn, especially in summer! Lightly dust your lawn with wood ash to help boost the green pastures. Then water it down to prevent the beneficial ash nutrients from blowing away.
  6. Helps melt ice and snow! Remember the wood ash contains potash or potassium carbonate, which is a type of salt that is much Eco friendlier than chloride based salts. This is great to scatter on driveways and walkways, melts the snow and ready to go!

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