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Benefits of Vertical Gardening

Have a small spacious garden but have a wild imagination!

Vertical gardening is made for you!

I recently had a problem when I ran out of space in my raised beds for my Cucurbitaceae family. BUT this lady didn’t let it stop her from gardening her veggies! I knew something had to be done, I could see it was going to cause trouble for my other veggies in the box, so I decided to grab the five bamboo dowels, smacked those in the soil. Took the chicken string and twinned it around the indiviual bamboo dowels to form a guidance trellis for my butternuts at this state to grow upon. They look happy which makes me even more happy! They even flourishing at the moment. Some of my veggies have veg producing in the process. On Thursday, I had sprinkled on wood ash liquid fertilizer to help boost the soil and promote the new growth of the plants, which did help! Not to only make them flourish like mad but their leaves are the healthy green you would dream of! You should try it, it works!

butternut trellis
Butternut growing up trellis – front rear box

The other benefits of veritcal gardening is if your garden is really small, this type of gardening system is the absolute best for you!

  • You will not just get the small quantity of fruit and veg in the first place BUT double or triple of it! How cool is that!
  • Also a great benefit is if you have butternuts, pumpkin, cucumber, gem squash etc planted nearby, their flowers won’t have a problem bearing fruit, there won’t be a need for you to self-pollinate.
  • The fruit and veg won’t be eaten by small creatures such as ants, bugs, slugs, grasshoppers as it is off the ground level where they would usually have access to eating or destroying it.
  • The fruit and veg will stand a better chance of not rotting due to not laying in water if it was a ground/horizontal system.
  • It provides the plant with a structual support as its tendrils hold the trellis, protecting it from wind damage etc.
  • It provides the plants with shade for those who like shade.
  • Also the plants provides shade which helps the soil below from drying out in hot/dry seasons such as Summer or Spring. Which is a huge favour!

When is comes to verical gardening, there are things need to be taken into consideration like:

  • Preparation before starting to plant.
  • Test your soil for a pH 7 – 7.5
  • Also remember to use your space wisely.
  • Planting the plants in a companion way, repels pest & diseases. Less fuss, more joy!
  • Go ECO!
  • Make note/record of when to harvest your fruit and veg.

Happy to help on any questions, contact me & I’ll get back to you 😀


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