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Great ways to save money in the garden

You probably thinking I’m nuts about this subject…however, let me do tell you there are a gardeners out there whether they are beginners or professionals. Gardening is expensive at its times on a long-term run. To make a little profit/savings, we do what is called ‘Propagation’ & ‘Seed-saving Method’.

Propagation – The breeding of specimens of a plant or animal by natural processes from the parent stock.

“the propagation of plants by root cuttings”

Seed-saving Method – When using the dry method. This is the most common method of collecting seeds as It involves harvesting maturing seed heads and drying them for a period of time before crushing the seed heads and winnowing them to remove all but the actual seeds to plant. 

This can either be  success or a failure task, not many can succeed this for wrong reasons such as:

  • Poor seed germination (Deep soil depth in ground/planting trays)
  • Low/High pH level
  • Lack of nutrients
  • lack of water/over water
  • Low sunlight levels
  • Wrong seasons
  • Seed is not mature (should be dry and bulge/puffy in width)
  • A soil that lacks good aeration & water (avoid sandy & clay soils, Loam soil is preferred)

Propagating plants by simply taking cuttings of your existing parent plant at the fourth node. Removing all the existing leaves on the stem which is easier, leaving two sets of leaves at the top (apical meristem). Mobile Nutrition is when all the old leaves nutrition are moved to the young leaves which is located at the top (apical meristem) providing much nutrition for a newer and sturdy growth to come. This is a great way to save you lots of  money and still know what plant you are growing because you did it yourself. You will also know its organic and free of GMO, which is fantastic! However do not be cornered if you don’t make it successful, I failed many times but now that I’ve learnt from my mistakes, I can assure you, its worth an experiment to try!

Seed-saving Method as i can assure you i have noticed it in one of my blogs, Its a safe and extraordinary task to try if you quite into seeds! This is just basically a much cheaper version of getting your seeds at the local nursery expect its for FREE! The only downfall is you will have o wait for when the next time it seeds, its a long-term thing however it teaches patience too. This is a lovely way to get together with family, friends or gardeners to prepare seedlings for the next season bed batch. Its also organic and free of GMO, so keep that in mind, its harmless to the environment,soil and animals of our world. This also comes away from the chemical side of ‘Monsanto’, this is a way by making a sustainable living by doing the seed-saving method and propagating your cuttings of a plant you want to clone for FREE!

To tackle a good propagation method, I prefer to:

  • Cut plant stem at fourth node (if can, cut thick stems (mature), prevent rotting in the inner vascular cells of the young plant (apical meristem))
  • Remove leaves existing on stem, leaving two sets of leaves located at top
  • Cover end of stem in root hormone (optional)
  • Plant the plant halfway in loam  soil (don’t over-compact the soil)
  • Water Lightly (avoid water-logging the soil)
  • Direct sunlight is required for this task
  • Within the next few weeks i recommend, this will give you a really good root system which is what you want for transportation of water and nutrients to the plant. (xylem & phloem system)

Plants that you can propagate in a hydro task: Click this link – Hydro herbs & veg made easy!

These plants that are grown in hydro/water can also be grown in soil but high maintenance is needed.

3 thoughts on “Great ways to save money in the garden

  1. Mints are one of things used in daily purpose of our lifestyle and it is one of the most coolest flavour available in market. It is useful as it can easily grow and never ends. once it is planted and after that it only serve his leaves again and again.

    1. I agree with you, they are a busy plant, always providing us with the crispy freshness to out drinks,meals & organic pesticide sprays. They can be a problem when they tend to over grow which is a huge ball ache to remove properly. Thank you for your factual comment, hope to hear from you again! 🙂

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