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Hints for Mint

Mint is an exceptionally refreshing herb to be used in ice teas, alcohol beverages, salads, smoothies and many more.

Mint is an invasive plant, it sends out “runners” and spreads wild than you think. Some of you have may experienced the troubles of the over-growing mint plant, this plant can virtually take up almost all the space in your garden. Not kidding, its a plant that can’t control itself. That is why our gardens needs us!

I learnt something new to prevent an over-growing of the mint as I had a tiny mint of my own was worried at the start.

To prevent your mint from over growing, as follows:

  • Fill your ideal pot of good aerated & drainage soil (Loam soil)
  • Plant in your mint into the pot
  • Next up, find a position in the garden you wish to plant it full sun and also thrives in partial shade.
  • Dig the whole deeper than your pot side in length and wider in width.
  • Put the pot with the existing mint in it into the hole you dug up.
  • This will keep the roots in the pot and prevent them from spreading under the ground and runners appearing later on.

Propagation/Cuttings: To be cut in Springs. Here is to know more about propagation.


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