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Woke up to a wonderful day! Nothing better than knowing your plants have gotten up to work for the best. As I’m to the garage/workbench, a whole entire bunch off these beautiful white cabbage butterflies woff pass me.


My garage/workbench is where I would grow my seedlings for the best germination as it remains warm inside but not overly kill hot, the plant do 100% great in there. Right so I gear up myself ready for a good eventful day in the garden to see if it behaved itself at night (haha!)


Surprised, i noshed on a good handful of strawberries, was delicious and yes, I was hungry…


Right next it was my Pepino Melon plant which is grown by cuttings i did at a propagated workshop in my town.

I noticed something moved why i was examining the pepino melon plant, I wasn’t scared at first because this little fella was tunny as my pinkie!


It was a yellow ladybug/ladybird with no spots this time. it was so cute!

Also my first self-grown sunflower bloomed today! Ta-dah!

Just goes to show your garden can be very rewarding with the hard effort put into it. Have a great day fellas! Stay tuned for updated post on its way! 🙂

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