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What makes you enjoy your garden…

What I find makes me enjoy my garden the most as an urban gardener or organic gardener to make it similar. I tend not to do so much to the garden because you don’t want to destroy it. Although you want to take care and nuture it as far as possible for the best outcomes. Many of you are familiar with permaculture terms and it’s the correct way to garden because it’s 100% organic and environmentally friendly to the animals, micro-organisms, plants and human beings and many more species. It is GMO free which does not harm the precious earth we only have! This type of style involves no dig gardening, organic sprays for pests and diseases, lots of mulching to decrease the water loss content out of the soil and increases the soil nutrients which plants specially love and live healthy by! It involves intercropping or interplanting which means to plant plants that don’t compete with one another for food source and root space in the garden, bed or container. One step ahead from interplanting or intercropping is companion which I love! This unloved herbs, these help to deter the baddie bugs like pest and diseases. Plant them either at the end of your bed or in between the crops. They’ll do you a huge favour! You probably have heard of monoculture which means to plant only one variety of crop in one field. This is an invitation to the pest and diseases. Such as cabbage moth fly. If one crop is infected then the whole lot of crops in the field is infected. You have lost all your crops. Maybe to be safe, avoid using monoculture style. 

What makes you enjoy your garden? Let’s talk about it πŸ˜€

2 thoughts on “What makes you enjoy your garden…

  1. I like my garden mostly because it’s cheap therapy haha! It’s therapeutic to dig soil and watch plants grow. I live in town so it’s nice to feel connected to nature, even if it’s through a tiny little garden space. Plus, I’m always learning about how to better grow my plants and look after the soil πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you for commenting! It is such a tranquil way to get away from stressful situations too! Hearing you have a tiny garden, you can check out my vertical gardening blog to save space in your garden πŸ˜€ You just like me, we both learning along the way to grow better and ways to protect the environment! πŸ™‚

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