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Why are unwanted weeds important?

Many of us complain how our garden has been invaded by SO MANY weeds we don’t want. Some find it ridiculous while others don’t. However did you know that they serve a huge purpose to the nature in many ways that we don’t think of. Yet we only know them for suck up the most of the water than the other plants. BUT…

If you live in dry, arid climates or surroundings with some foliage that are adaptable. Also see unwanted weeds cascaded wildly, really don’t be tempted by someone who tells you to remove them, surely they were given a name, adaptative root system and appearance to be born apart of nature. They act as incredible groundcovers, providing shade to the soil. If you remove them, the consequences will be worse than in the first place by increasing soil erosion, aerating the soil which becomes dry, nutrients leach out the soil, poor anchorage for root system of the plant. Mostly millions and millions of beneficial organisms and bugs in the soil have been disturbed or likely killed.

Did you know that not all unwanted weeds are weeds! They are edible and highly nutritional too! Most of you’ll be familiar with dandelions, purslane, clover, lamb’s quarters, plantain, chickweed, mallow, wild amaranth and curly dock. 

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