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DIY mini xerophytic garden

Some background:

This means the type of plants whether they are Euphorbia’s, Succulents/Echeveria’s. These type of plant species specially thrive in extreme arid temperatures with little or no water.

mini xerophytic garden 1

That what makes them water wise because they store their water inside their thick fleshy/fury/thorny leaves to protect them from drying out from sun exposure,wind damage and anything that wants to harm xerophytic garden 2They adapt to sandy,hot and loose soils, clearly does not bother them if they have water stored inside them to live!

As you can see I have up-cycled a few tins to plant Echeveria’s inside with drainage holes at the bottom to prevent water logging. They have perked up in a few weeks since they were planted and whaala! A mini xerophytic garden to put on the table, patios, the perfect gift for loved ones and friends and many more! They even flower with beautiful decorative flowers, perhaps no scent at all but the appearance is striking!

Quick Fact:

This type of species, mainly the succulents/ echeveria’s are easily propagated just by a single leaf if you want more of it!

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  1. […] These perennial varieties are suitable for extreme temperate and drought climates without water for long periods but won’t survive, needs a good soak. They are know also as Xerophytic plants. Grown in the gardens, pots and makes a beautiful displaying feature. Bees are attracted to its colourful leaves however some varieties have flowers which are non-scented. Requires pH 7 soil (neutral). Make a DIY Mini Xerophytic garden today!:)[Read me] […]

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