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The pros & cons of companion planting

As we all seem to know companion planting mostly for its advantages forgetting that it has disadvantages too.

This method of gardening can also be called ‘inter-planting’ as well however inter-planting means planting different varieties among one another at different heights, shapes, colours and spacing or volumes. This term can apply if you are using plants that don’t compete with one another such as herbs commonly. They deter pests and diseases, a great purpose to the plants, garden, environment, animals and you! Another example of plants that don’t compete with one another can be xerophytic plants such as echeverias or succulents (water wise plant species).

The cons of companion planting:

  • Can become over-crowded (small spacing between one another).
  • Competition between plants for water if not designed out correctly.
  • When one plant is killed by pest and diseases, the pest and disease can spring off to the next nearby plant to kill it too.
  • If not pruned, the plant can become straggly and does not look good.
  • Some plants that require full sun are been hidden by a tall shrub which results poor growth, slow growth and may even die.

The pros of companion planting:

  • It deters the pests and diseases.
  • Creates a wonderful barrier or shrub-like forest if not over-crowded.
  • Creates shade for the plants that require shade.
  • Creates shade for the soil to prevent it drying out on hot sunny days.
  • No or less competition between plants for water if designed out correctly.
  • Creates a wonderful foliage, appearance, appeal and fragrance to garden, pots, container beds etc.

A great source of food to your plants would to add mulch to the surface of the soil. Acts as a high source of beneficial nutrients for the plants which will keep them growing luscious, green and healthy all the way!

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