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Advice for beginners/Non-gardeners

Not everyone has green fingers unless you try them out! You never know!

Growing your own food or plants is the most rewarding thing you could possible do! With all the fails and goals achieved that come with it. This is the way to go if you love the outdoors and nature!

What I have learnt over the past months is the following:

  • Patience is the key: If you are the type of person who plants seeds, you have to have a lot of patience involved than buying the fully grown plant directly at the nursery.
  • Learn from your mistakes: Always a valuable lesson, always make note of the mistake and how it can be corrected/corrected for next time to avoid it.
  • Reward yourself: Learn to always reward yourself, especially if your are a beginner. It can be done by purchasing more new seeds or mature grown plants.
  • Do better: Always do the best of what your ability. This will give you a better picture of what you started and you will then have a clear path of what you want to achieve.

With these few basic tips I have shared with you, surely you will have some idea/plan of what you want. I hope this has encouraged you to have a little green pinky!



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