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One evening I received a question from a lovely lady in Florida on one of my social medias regarding how did I manage to grow such giant sunflowers. As she wanted to know if i had any tips for her because as she stated: ‘The last time she grew giant sunflowers, they only reached like a foot talk-lol.’ I then knew I was in the same boat as her before and surely had to help! This was all regarding to an image I posted of my seeds on the giant sunflowers I am currently seed saving off and hope to leave you inspired from it.

My tip to you on how to grow giant sunflowers:

[In the past i knew when I was growing the seeds directly into the soil, they would become stunted at a foot tall because the weathering would form a hard crust over the soil making the seed difficult to push/break through.]

  1. Plant the seeds with the pointy tip facing downwards into trays with soft soil such as coco peat, water moderately.
  2. place into sunny position nearby a window where it can build up strength in the stem.
  3. When the seedling reaches 6-7 cm in height, transplant them in moist well-drained soils in the early morning/ late evenings in cool temperatures of the day to avoid stress onto the plant.
  4. A great companion with sunflowers is cucumbers because they like the same amount of water level.

This definitely was a task to tackle because it took me a couple of downs/ fails to achieve the giant sunflowers and it was worth every struggle. Now that there is no downfall, you can just enjoy it.

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