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My first time growing a litchi from a pip/seed which I gnawed all the fruit off of it. i took this one quite serious, I had about five pips/seeds and divided it. I probably took this in an experimental way like everyone would generally, not kidding-lol.  Believe it or not, this is seed saving and cost me nothing!

Here is what it looks like today and its only a month old!

The first two I placed into the worm farm which didn’t work somehow, I might have done that incorrectly but I tried. the second two I placed under cotton wool like the old fashion way, soaked in water, it never rooted, it rotted instead… by now I was pretty disappointed and frustrated at this but I had to make it clear it was an experiment at the time. Then the very last seed/pip i had left, I planted it into soil, watered it moderately and placed into a sunny position so the seed could get warmth for germination. And you know what, IT WORKED! I couldn’t believe my own eyes, I was seeing it in front of me!




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