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Elephant food/Spekboom


This perennial plant has thick, fleshy green leaves which are edible. Has a sour tangy taste, eat these if you are feeling fatigue or dehydrated, soon you will feel hydrated and better. (medicinal properties). It has beautiful non-scent tiny clusters of pink flowers in late winter and spring (be on the look out for them!). It can be trained into a bonsai, shrub, hedge screen or even a tree!

Has a wonderful appearance as a pot plant, in container beds, even in the garden. This is the type of plant in need to prevent soil erosion. It thrives well in full sun and all soil types and all climates, making them xerophytic too, its not fussy at all!


Doesn’t need rooting hormone, it roots easily. Its the type of plant you take normal cuttings and just poke/dig them in the ground directly of your choice!

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