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This can either be a success or a total failure, just like they say… we have a two-ways propagation method to share with you! Are you ready?

Basic method:

  1. Take simple mature cuttings (5-10 cm).
  2. Either sow them directly into the soil such as spekboom/elephant food plant or into seed pots of your choice.
  3. Water moderately.

Root hormone method:

  1. Take simple mature cuttings (5-10 cm).
  2. Method 1: At the end of the cutting, scratch the stem surface gentle with a secateur until whiteness appears. This you will cover with some root hormone. Method 2: Dip the end of the cutting into root hormone.
  3. Poke/dig this into seed pots to form roots.
  4. Water moderately.

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    1. Not only now I just realized I forgot to mention that little important detail, thank you for dropping the detail by Christina! šŸ™‚

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