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PROPAGATION: Succulents/Echeveria


These perennial varieties are suitable for extreme temperate and drought climates without water for long periods but won’t survive, needs a good soak. They are know also as Xerophytic plants. Grown in the gardens, pots and makes a beautiful displaying feature. Bees are attracted to its colourful leaves however some varieties have flowers which are non-scented. Requires pH 7 soil (neutral). Make a DIY Mini Xerophytic garden today!:)[Read me]

Propagation method:


  1. Sow the seeds/saved seeds when they are ripe into the garden or seed pots of your choice.
  2. Give its a good soak of water and position it into full sun.


  1. Divide the plant by divisions of clumps containing roots and stems.
  2. Re-pot or transplant into the area you wish to plant it.
  3.  Give it a good soak of water and should be in full sun position.


  1. Take root cuttings and re-pot them into seed pots or directly into the garden of your choice. give it a good soak of water wand place into full sun position.
  2. Take leaf cuttings by simply pulling the leaf away from the stem and laying it on the surface of the soil where you wish them to grow. Give it a good soak of water and place it in full sun position. Few days later you will then see a little succulent growing. If you decide to grow them elsewhere late on, no problem, transplant them when they are tiny still.

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