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PROPAGATION: Mango ‘sensations’

PROPAGATION: Mango ‘sensations’

For those of you who want to grow your own fruit trees, this post is the one to read.

It was my first time growing these mango ‘sensations’. And didn’t I have fun yet find it challenging at the same time. These require a little attention at first. I hope this encourages many of you to seed save to help our nature in the future.

Propagation method I used:

  • Remove the seed/pip(s) from the mango.
  • Wash and dry the seed/pip(s). (prevents molding)
  • Grab a decent sized container, roll out the cotton wool on the bottom of the container. You then place mango seed/pip(s) on that cotton wool roll. Simply cover the seed/pip(s) with the rest of the cotton wool roll.
  • Water it lightly, that the cotton wool has soaked the water up. Don’t over water, can cause molding. Water only when cotton wool is dry.
  • Position it in enclosed areas under direct sunlight. e.g. bathroom

Transplant method:

  • When your mango seed/pip(s) are showing roots and two little leaves. IT’S TIME TO PLANT YOUR BABIES! 😀
  • Grab your ideal pot/bags, not in the garden ground yet. It’s too young and might need to be grafted.
  • Now you’ll fill that pot/bag(s) with compost soil, simply place the seed/pip(s) into the pot/bag(s) individually at a normal height, not too deep into the soil.
  • Water the mango well and leave it in a protected area with little wind and semi-shade to start off. e.g. garage porches/stoops/balconies in between the other plants.

And today I captured one of my mango ‘sensations’ of the three. Its doing so well in the pot I transplanted early this year.

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