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I really wanted a celery in my garden so I had to figure a way out. One evening, we were making a salad and the celery was going to be in it. I then thought for a second, I told you fellas about growing hydro herbs and veg in one of while back ago posts. It clicked in my mind, I knew exactly what to do. This what I did.

Propagation method:

  • Take the excess piece/end piece of the celery.
  • Grab a container (shallow/medium height).
  • Place the excess piece/end piece of the celery into the container.
  • Fill the container with water, marking halfway at the celery.
  • Position it into enclosed area under direct sunlight. e.g. bathroom or patio.

Celery in a container in enclosed area – bathroom


Transplant method:

  • After the plant has reached a good height/ mature level.
  • Remove the existing plant out of the pot into the garden where you wish to plant it.
  • Don’t forget to mulch me!
  • Must require semi-shade or full sun.
  • Must also be planted into an enclosed are protected from wind damage/wind burn.
  • Water moderately.


4 thoughts on “PROPAGATION: Celery

  1. Hey Kelly! About how long from the time you started the pieces to when you transplanted them to ground? I can’t plant Celery here until September, but definitely would like to grow some. Thanks!

    1. Hi Eric! I started the propagation on the 13th of January 2018 and transplanted it today, 15th March. That makes it 2 months. It’s currently summer here going into autumn however our weather nowadays is uncontrollable. You are very welcome! 🙂

    1. Oh wow I’m speechless! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing my post on your page! So nice of you and I hope this will encourage many of those that nature is truly amazing!

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