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5 Organic garden nutrition boosters

Have you ever seen your plant looking lanky/wilting on a normal day? Thinking to yourself, what is really wrong with this fella? This really means your plant is lacking a certain mobile nutrition, this is why nutrition boosts are given once in a few months to help it grow into a healthier looking plant.

5 Organic garden nutrition boosters:

Weed tea – unwanted weeds

  • This is all the unwanted weeds you pull/remove in your garden.
  • DO NOT USE chemically sprayed weeds for this weed tea. It will harm your plants.
  • OKAY TO USE organically sprayed weeds for this weed tea. it will not harm your plants.
  • This provides all the nutrition from A-Z your plants need.
  • This weed tea can be done the same as wood ash tea method – Click HERE
  • Apply small quantities to the plants every two weeks, its a very strong mixture.

Volcanic ash – 100% organic 

  • This provides all the source of nutrition your plant is looking for.
  • Mix it in with your soil on site before you dig in your plant.
  • Every plant i have provided with volcanic ash has thrived SUPER WELL.

Epson salts – harmless to both plants & humans

  • Provides a nutrition boosts to greens, vegetables and roses.
  • Sprinkle in a circle around your plant once a month to improve the growth.
  • 100% safe if you ingest a vegetable that has been provided with Epson salts.

Wood ash tea – fireplace/charcoal wood ash

  • This is packed of nutrients, highly recommended for plants to intake.
  • To make the wood ash tea – Click HERE
  • Apply small quantities to the plants every two weeks, its a very strong mixture.

Worm tea/pee – worm farm

  • This is the BEST of the 5 organic nutrition boosters because it involves worms and organic matter that creates the nutrition outcome.
  • It is 100% organic and great for the plants in the garden
  • Also sprinkle some worms in the garden to help pull your organic matter into the soil to give you the perfect moist humus soil you’ll want!
  • Apply equally quantities to the plants, its not a strong mixture but its a precious mixture.

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