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CUTTINGS: This can either be a success or a total failure, just like they say… we have a two-ways propagation method to share with you! Are you ready? Basic method: Take simple mature cuttings (5-10 cm). Either sow them directly into the soil such as spekboom/elephant food plant or into seed pots of your choice.… Read More PROPAGATION: Cuttings

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The pros & cons of companion planting

As we all seem to know companion planting mostly for its advantages forgetting that it has disadvantages too. This method of gardening can also be called ‘inter-planting’ as well however inter-planting means planting different varieties among one another at different heights, shapes, colours and spacing or volumes. This term can apply if you are using… Read More The pros & cons of companion planting

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Hints for Mint

Mint is an exceptionally refreshing herb to be used in ice teas, alcohol beverages, salads, smoothies and many more. Mint is an invasive plant, it sends out “runners” and spreads wild than you think. Some of you have may experienced the troubles of the over-growing mint plant, this plant can virtually take up almost all… Read More Hints for Mint

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Great ways to save money in the garden

You probably thinking I’m nuts about this subject…however, let me do tell you there are a gardeners out there whether they are beginners or professionals. Gardening is expensive at its times on a long-term run. To make a little profit/savings, we do what is called ‘Propagation’ & ‘Seed-saving Method’. Propagation – The breeding of specimens… Read More Great ways to save money in the garden