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ABOUT: Cape Gooseberry

ABOUT: Cape Gooseberry A wild growing plant that provides a lot of yellow fruits embedded into Chinese lanterns appearance. It grows wonderfully in temperate and tropical regions. They are a member of the Solanaceae family. Contains Vitamin C, K and beta-carotene. They have a large number of edible plants including the bringals (eggplants), tomatoes, potatoes,… Read More ABOUT: Cape Gooseberry

Advice, fruit, Garden blogs, Pests and diseases, Propagation, Seed-saving method

PROPAGATION: Mango ‘sensations’

PROPAGATION: Mango ‘sensations’ For those of you who want to grow your own fruit trees, this post is the one to read. It was my first time growing these mango ‘sensations’. And didn’t I have fun yet find it challenging at the same time. These require a little attention at first. I hope this encourages… Read More PROPAGATION: Mango ‘sensations’

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Growing tip: CUCUMBERS

This a cucumber ‘Ashley’ variety. It does not thrive well in heavy moisture weathers however it does not get infected by powdery mildew easily then the other cucumber varieties.  It is known mostly for its crunchy slices used in salads and other dishes. QUICK FACTS: Its part of the cucurbitaceace family (butternut, gem squash, pumpkin etc).… Read More Growing tip: CUCUMBERS

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Hot Chillies

Chillies are a great usage in the garden, wildlife and dishes! Caring: Prune your chilli trees in early/late season. Look out for the two main branches on the chilli plant. The plant grows into a “Y” shape,  with a bottom stem and two main branches. Follow one main branch up from its base to the… Read More Hot Chillies